samedi 29 août 2009

Akonadi google calendar resource

In Fedora 11, Akonadi google resources are not packaged.
A video explains best what you'll get from this

Here's what you need to do to get them :

  1. libGCAL

  2. cd /opt
    git clone git://
    cd libcal

    Comment out lines 26 and 48 of the CMakeLists.txt file, then

    cmake ; make ; sudo make install

    If you chose to keep your /usr/local prefix, make sure your LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable contains /usr/local/lib

  3. Googledata akonadi resource
  4. The resource currently lives in extragear :

    svn co svn:// googledata

    Same deal as before :

    cmake ; make ; sudo make install

  5. Using the new resources
I'll assume you have a working akonadi server. You'll need to restart it by going to KDE System Settings > Advanced Tab > Akonadi Config > Akonadi Server Config Tab > Restart

You can now go back to the Akonadi resources tab still in Akonadi Config,and add Google Calendar Resource. It will prompt you for your username and passwoord and optionally store them in your KWallet

Now you should go to KOrganizer, add your akonadi resource,select the caledar and you should see it sync locally.

Update : 2 way sync seems to have basic features somewhat working with your "default" GMail calendar (the first one created), but doesn't seem to support multiple calendars ... I'll update again if i find more info

jeudi 20 août 2009

Cowrecto !

C'est avec un plaisir non dissimulé qu'avec mon POTCHE Romain nous sommes allés voir "Inglorious Basterds" de Quentin ce Tarantino !

Quelle merveille !

Nous devions obligatoirement parler de ce film qui REPRESENTZ GRAVE SA RACE ! Un jouet allemand, juif ... ou allemand comme dirait Heenok.

Supers acteurs, supers jeux, super scénario ... super film.

Ils ont prit du plaisir et le film nous en restitue une bonne tranche !