lundi 23 novembre 2009

upgrade to Fedora 12 x86_64: tips and tricks

  • OpenLDAP is now 2.4 by default. config migration is explained here : , pretty straightforward.
  • sound is choppy with skype : same solution as before, add tsched=0 to the load-module module-udev-detect line. It will disable the "glitch free audio" ( ) that might not be as glitch free as the name suggests, at least for now. could also be a bug in skype...
  • the new KNetworkmanager does not remember TLS settings for OpenVPN. this has been patched in KDE svn and the patch applies cleanly to the F12 KNetworkManager sources (see this bug :
  • Plymouth "charge" theme is still ugly, see previous post to use solar theme
  • ctrl+alt+backspace to kill the X server is disabled by default. you can enable it back by going to KDE settings > regional settings > Keyboard layouts > advanced > Key sequence to kill X server
  • GTK apps set their notification bubbles in the top right corner, you can change it by using gconf-editor > apps > notification_daemon > popup_location property, i've set it to bottom_right to have both KDE and GTK app notifications in the same place
  • The Konqueror man viewer (very useful when page is long) now tries to fetch its man pages according to the user locale. problem is that 70% of man pages are untranslated, and it doesn't fall back to the english version if the locale version is not found. Since i don't care about translated pages, my hack is to remove the locale pages and symlink the locale pages back to the standard directory so that for example /usr/share/man/fr.UTF-8 points to /usr/share/man. Konqueror will now show the original man page instead of displayed a "not found" error page.
  • For the internal mic : Make sure that Digital Input Source is set to "Digital Mic 1" either in KMix or alsamixer -Dhw . And make sure that your pulseaudio configuration tab in pavucontrol is set to "Analog Stereo Duplex". Otherwise, internal mic will not even show up in the sources, cheeky bastard

Other than that, it's a great release :)

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